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Values and Beliefs

Our values and beliefs are integral to the way we support people. They form the basis from which we work, to ensure our service users lead the lives they want with the support they need to reach their desired outcomes. Our values and beliefs are used every day in our support.


We make sure that the views of our service users are listened to and adhered to. We are always conscious that we work in their home and they deserve privacy and dignity.


We listen to our service users desired outcomes and tailor individual support plans to help them achieve those. We offer informed choices so they can make informed decisions about their lives.

Person Centred

Our service users are at the centre of our support. They are involved in all decisions about their support plan from the support agreement, initial assessment and creating their personal profile. They decide when and how they receive support and who they wish to support them. They are our bosses.


We take an holistic view in health and well-being. We support our service users to make informed decisions about their health whether this is managing a particular health condition, creating a health action plan or making accessible recipes to support a healthy eating plan. We support them to access jobs, leisure, support their religious beliefs and community activities. We understand that getting out and about and accessing their community is important for mental health and well-being.


It is central to our support planning that our service users are safe and feel safe. Service users interview all staff before they come into their homes. Service users are involved in all risk assessments to make sure they are as safe as possible when they access their communities.


We take the time to listen to our service users, knowing how many sugars they take in their tea or prompting a glass of water when the weather’s hot. We understand the importance to our service users of achieving goals. We find innovative ways of celebrating the successes of our service users together.

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