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We are a support agency in Bristol for vulnerable people. We support you to live your life your way.

Yourwaybristol started in 2009 when a group of adults with learning difficulties who were unhappy with their care decided to make a change...

They approached an advocacy service to discuss their options. They decided to use Direct Payments to pay for their care, enabling them to choose their support workers. From there, Yourwaybristol was born. Today, we support people across Bristol to live independently. The ethos of how we started is still at the very heart of our support today, namely ‘choice and control’.

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What we do

We can support you to achieve your independence and well-being.






Finding a job

Keeping in touch with friends and family


Health appointments

Accessing the community

How we do it

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Whether you need 24 hour support or a few hours a day, we will support you to live life your way.


Working with you, we will develop a support plan that can make your desired outcomes a reality. You choose your support team and how and where they support you. We provide exactly the support you need for the life you want.

If you would like to find out more information about our support please contact us here.

Meet Our Management Team

We want you to feel safe and happy with your staff team. Therefore you choose the staff you want and when you want to be supported. 

Our staff are DBS checked and inducted to understand yourwayBristol's ethos - your life, your support, your way. We are fully trained to provide you with the safe, effective support you need. We work with our staff team to make sure they work in a safe and supported environment, and this in turn ensures they can support you effectively.

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support worker

"My strong belief is that people with learning difficulties should have the same rights, choices and control as the rest of society and that is why I started Your Way Bristol in 2009.

I started my career working with children with learning difficulties from ethnically diverse families. My role was to support them to gain access to education. I also worked for an advocacy organisation providing adults with learning difficulties with accessible information to promote rights, choices and control. I carried on this work, working with young adults in the USA and then Australia. Coming back to the UK, I worked as a community support worker. Using my experience, I worked with adults with learning difficulties to get them direct payments so that they could choose the support they wanted. Since then, I've invested my time and completed my QCF in levels 3 and 5. "

Josh Doherty


Started YWB in 2009

support assistant

Dean Benjamin

Team Leader
Joined YWB in 2010

I started my career in health and social care working in a residential care home for adults with learning difficulties. It was a great experience helping people to live their daily lives and go out into the community.

I met Josh and he told me about Yourwaybristol and the positive things they were doing to help adults with learning difficulties to live independently.

I decided to move from residential care to independent living and it has been brilliant to be part of Yourwaybristol. We help people live the life that they have always wanted to live by being forward thinking and offering outcome based support. We use person centred support to help people create a vision and a plan for their future and then we work alongside them to achieve those goals.

Since working at Yourwaybristol, I have completed my QCF in levels 2 and level 5 in health and social care. I have been promoted and I am now a Team leader with more opportunities available in the future.

Yourwaybristol is a great organisation to work for and it has been, and will continue to be, a pleasure helping adults with learning difficulties and disabilities live happy, independent lives, in which they feel safe, empowered and valued.

Support Assisant Your Way Bristol

Tracey Davey

Health and Well-being Manager
Joined YWB in 2015

I started my career as a Nursery Nurse, working for the Local

Authority. I transferred to Social Care and worked within Child

Protection as a Child and Family Support Worker. I enjoyed working with ‘hard to reach’ families, but felt I needed a new challenge and decided to transfer to adult care. I started working with adults who have a learning difficulty. I truly believe that all people are entitled to live happy and fulfilling lives. Adults with a learning difficulty just need support to achieve this.

The biggest challenge I faced in my move from working with children to adults with a learning difficulty was the realisation and

acceptance that, as adults, they have the right to make their own

choices and decisions even if I believe those to be unwise.

I have learnt so much in the past 2 years and I have now been given the opportunity to continue my learning and completed an QCF 5 in Health and Social Care. I recently accompanied a lady on a holiday. She said to me “Look at me, look at my face, look how happy I am!” That made me realise what a difference good support can make to a person’s life.

Want to work with us?

Support Worker

Starting pay £8.25 p/h 

1. Assist in the development of the philosophy, goals and objectives of YWB.

2. Work with Service Users to develop effective support plans.

3. Support in a person centred way.

4. Support Service User's health and well-being.

5. Ensure Service User rights are protected.

6. Record relevant activities in Care Plans.

7. Encourage innovative methods for the delivery of care.

8. Seek opportunities for personal and professional growth.

9. Develop effective working relationships with the other employees within YWB.

10. Minimise legal risks.

11. Assist in the development and creation of care policies and procedures.

12. Be involved in the implementation and maintenance of the Agency’s quality assurance programme.

13. Systematically solve day-to-day problematical issues which arise.

Suport assistant job

How to apply

Contact us for more information

or email a covering letter to Josh


or post to:


The Park, Daventry road,

Bristol, BS45 1DQ

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